For over 100 years, New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine Company has produced reliable, cost effective Wire Stitchers and Bag Closing Machines for a wide variety of applications in many industries.

Today, New Jersey Wire designs and builds over 250 types of power driven Wire Stitchers for Metal, Fabrics, Plastics and Packaging for the following applications: Air Filter Frames, Bag Closing, Book Matches, Book Binding, Carding, Coil Forms, Display Assemblies, Electronics, Flags, Gloves, Handbags, Lampshades, Novelties, Radio Assembles, Plastics, Solderless Connections, Television Assemblies, Terminals, Toys, and countless other uses.

There is a New Jersey Wire Stitcher for you, ready to give you faster and stronger production, improve the quality of your work, and cut your costs. Whatever fastening you do or may require, a New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine will do it with more speed, economy and strength. How do we know? We’ve been serving industry for over 100 years.


New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine, a Precision Automation® Company, is a manufacturer and designer specializing in high quality, reliable Wire Stitching and Bag Closing Machinery. One of the most important assets that we offer is a dedicated and highly experienced staff that will work with you every step of the way. Our combined experience exceeds or rivals that of any other company in the industry. It is the key to our reputation in excellence, quality and highly efficient design solutions. We stand firmly behind every machine we build.

For more information about New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine visit: Web Site www.newjerseywire.com

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