Vial Handling Systems

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Are you looking to maximize your product handling efficiency and reduce manual labor?

Do you have problems with your line backing up, causing you to shut down or halt production?

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Our Thru-flow™ Accumulator is designed to provide a more continuous flow of product between upstream and downstream equipment. The system operates by conveying vials from the infeed conveyor to the discharge conveyor via the product accumulation belt. Accumulation occurs when product backs up on the discharge conveyor and onto the accumulation belt.



Product can continue to fill the accumulation belt until the infeed conveyor backs up. When the product flow at the discharge resumes, the vials feed out single file. The combination of the speed differential between the conveyor lanes and the anti-bridging belt separates the product and feeds them out single file automatically. By smoothing out your production the need to shutdown is virtually eliminated.

Our Thru-Flow™ Accumulator is a non-rotary system designed to reduce abrasion. Capable of handling vial sizes that range from 1 ml to 1000 ml this highly, First-In First-Out vial flow system is perfect for time sensitive products. These Accumulators have proven to be highly reliable, easily maintained pieces of equipment. Our systems come with a variety of options so they can be tailored to your specifications. 

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To help suit your production needs, our Tray Loaders are available in automatic or semi-automatic versions. The automatic system is a Pick & Place Loader used with partitioned trays or cartons. This labor efficient system positions the vials into rows via a timing screw. The rows of vials are then gripped, lifted and placed into the tray or carton, which is indexed as each row is loaded.

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Both versions provide accurate vial counts to assist with maintaining critical inventory levels. These simple yet reliable machines have a limited number of moving parts, reducing the man-hours spent on product changeovers and maintenance.

Rotary Vial Labeling SystemWe offer custom-built specialty systems for your vial handling requirements as well. From comprehensive turn-key processing and packaging systems to our innovative Rotary Vial Labeling and Inspection Systems, we will engineer a solution for you.

The strength of our equipment is in its design. Built with high quality components and sanitary stainless steel; they are constructed with durability in mind.

Precision’s Vial Handling Systems can help meet the ever-changing challenges of your production requirements. These systems, coupled with our Integration and Service capabilities, will provide you with an efficient production process and deliver a quick return on your investment.

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