Vial Accumulators

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Precision Automation® provides systems to the Pharmaceutical Industry with the highest standards of quality and increased manufacturing efficiencies. The Thru-FlowTM Accumulator is a nonrotary system designed to reduce abrasion and ensure a first-in, first-out vial flow. Tall or unstable vials are easily handled through the system, helping to reduce product waste.

Automation is our specialty, whether you need a single accumulator or a complete turnkey system, Precision Automation® is your source. We have been providing our clients with superior service and equipment for over 70 years.

Accumulation Features

  • Handles Vials from 1 ml to 1000 ml
  • Up to 1000 Vials per Minute
  • First-In/First-Out Vial Flow
  • Easily Handles Tall or Unstable Products
  • Gentle Product Handling—Minimizes Glass Abrasion
  • Self Clearing
  • Quiet Operation

Vial Handling Equipment

  • Tray Loaders
  • Exterior Washers
  • Unscramblers
  • Patented Helical Transfer Device
  • Freeze Dryer Automation
  • Sanitary Conveyors
  • Inspection Stations
Vial Accumulator Picture


Vials are conveyed from the infeed conveyor to the discharge conveyor via the product accumulation belt. Accumulation happens when product backs up on the discharge conveyor and onto the accumulation belt. Product can continue to fill the accumulation belt until the infeed conveyor backs up. When the product flow at the discharge resumes, the vials feed out single file. The combination of the speed differential between the conveyor lanes and the anti-bridging belt separate the product and feed them out single file automatically. The standard Accumulator can handle vials with speeds up to 1000 vials per minute for small vials. Other models are available to be compatible with cleanroom requirements. Accumulation is determined by vial size.

Vial Accumulator Picture


Conveyor Belt
Standard…………..Table-Top Chain
Optional……………Endless Belt with V-Guide
Control Panel……..120 Volt, 60 Cycle,1 Phase, 6 Amp
Drive………………...Variable Speed
Construction…………...Stainless Steel and Plastic


  • Optional Belts such as Mesh, Chain, etc., to accommodate your processing needs
  • Multiple Inlet and Outlet Lanes
  • Packing or Tray Tables
  • Fallen-Vial Ejector Chute
  • Optional Controls to integrate upstream and downstream machines
  • Counter with Vial Flow Indicator
  • Elapsed Time Meters
  • Single-Speed Control with coordinated Belt Speeds
  • Lockable Disconnect Switch

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