Rapid Air Vial Drying


A Precision-Covert Joint Venture

Our Rapid Ambient Air Vial Dryer reduces vial drying time by using an advected evaporative drying system. Vials need to be dried prior to labeling, inspection, or packaging, due to the condensation that forms when vials are moved from refrigerated storage into an ambient room. Normally vials in trays will take 45 minutes or more for condensation to dry. Our system will dry your product in a fraction of the time. This typically will range between 5 to 10 minutes depending on the product.

As trays of vials are loaded onto the Dryer they can accumulate and convey a continuous single lane of product without operator intervention. 1 ml to 100 ml vials can be dried at speeds up to 600 VPM allowing your production to continue unaffected.

The Rapid Ambient Air Vial Dryer will dry vials of refrigerated pharmaceutical products that require limited out of refrigeration exposure time. This includes liquids typically at 2 °C, freeze dried and powder filled products to minus 20 °C.

Custom applications are available upon request.

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Additional Vial Handling Equipment

  • Accumulators
  • Tray Loading
  • Exterior Vial Washing
  • Freeze Dryer Automation

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