Vertical Form Fill Seal and Bundling Systems

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Precision Automation Company, Inc. is excited about our strategic partnership with Indumak Maquinas of Jaragua do Sul, Brazil. For over 50 years Indumak has developed innovative and cost-effective packaging systems. An industry leader in South America, Indumak is expanding and looking forward to offering their products worldwide. Precision Automation's expertise in automation systems, manufacturing and complete systems integration makes us an ideal partner to market, sell, manufacture, install and service Indumak equipment in the Eastern United States.  MK 30 Bundling Machine

Combining our experience in product handling, conveyor solutions, and complete packaging system integration, we offer three of Indumak's machines in the United States. Customization of these systems, to fit the specific needs of our customers, is available. Precision Automation provides a turnkey solution for the needs of companies looking for Vertical Form Fill Seal equipment. We are also enthusiastic to introduce Indumak's Bundling system, an innovative and modern alternative to traditional case packing in cardboard boxes.

Vertical Form Fill Seal and Bundling Machines:

MK 30 Bundling Machine - A cost-effective alternative solution to traditional case packing. The MK 30 vertically bundles solid, granulated, refined and powdered products using film instead of cardboard boxes. Accommodating bag lengths up to 47" and widths from 15.75" to 29.5", it is capable of bundling in a variety of configurations from one to three columns. This industrial strength system is designed for easy access to machine parts, facilitating equipment maintenance, preservation and cleaning. Contact Us to schedule a visit to see the MK 30 in operation at our facility!

MK 25 VFFS Machine Lince 4 Vertical Form Fill Seal - A small bag Vertical Form Fill Seal machine designed to offer the best in technology, fast setup, and easy maintenance. Accommodating bag widths from 2.5" to 8.6" and lengths from 2" to 13.8", bagging speed can max out at 75 bags per minute.

MK 25 Vertical Form Fill Seal - Developed for large bag Vertical Form Fill Seal applications, the MK 25 delivers high performance packaging for large volumes. Designed to handle bag widths from 10.25" to 22.6" and lengths from 4" to 27.5", this system is suitable for a variety of large bag applications.

While our packaging machines are ideal for a wide variety of products in different industries, some examples include: Rice, Sugar, Grains, Cement, Coffee, Beans, Cereal, Ice, Frozen Vegetables, Pet Foods, Pasta, Nuts, Candy, and more.

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