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Since 1953 pāco manufacturing has been providing high quality Contract Machinery Work, Fabrication, Machine Building and Rebuilding, Automation Systems, Controls, Design and Engineering Services, and other related services to improve the productivity of our customers' manufacturing and product handling processes. Look to pāco manufacturing, a designer and manufacturer of machinery and machine parts for over 60 years, to bring it all together as a single source for companies' manufacturing and assembly requirements.


  • Your company requires new machinery in the midst of evolving technology
  • You are planning to implement a new production process, or
  • Your strategic plans are to refurbish your current machinery to bolster production levels

pāco manufacturing is the answer to your needs. Our engineering team can provide you with practical and economical solutions, from the smallest modification to a complete system. Our skilled team of machinists, fabricators, assemblers and electricians are trained in the art of machine building, from prototype to production, and have access to a completely tooled machine shop.

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