Company Overview


Fred Rexon Sr.
Precision Automation® Co.,Inc.


"Precision Automation® Company, Inc. will provide high quality Automation Systems, Contract Machine Work, Fabrication, Machinery, Controls and related services to improve productivity in our customers' manufacturing and product handling processes."


  • Dedication to the Customer - We will be driven by the needs of our customers. Every employee has a responsibility to focus on each customer's expectations and do what is necessary to meet or exceed these expectations.
  • Commitment to Integrity and High Ethical Standards - We will maintain a high standard of conduct at all levels in operating our business.
  • Recognition of the Needs of Society - It is our intention to provide a desirable place of employment that is recognized as an honorable economic asset.
  • Development of People - Our objective is to maintain a safe, healthy and harassment-free environment where everyone has the opportunity to continuously learn and apply new knowledge. 70_Year_Logo.jpg