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Machinists, Circa 1947

Established in 1946 by Fred Rexon Sr., our story began in a small, privately owned machine fabrication shop in Haddonfield, New Jersey called Precision Parts Company, Inc.

In 1953, as our business continued to grow, we opened a second manufacturing plant in Indiana to serve the Mid-Western market. Soon after in 1966 we moved to our seventh and present location in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

By 1972, we expanded our services to include the design and manufacture of automation machinery and changed our name to Precision Automation® Company, Inc. to reflect our new focus.

In the early 1980’s we introduced a conveyor division, expanding our markets to include product handling services. At the same time, we purchased our first CNC machining center to upgrade our machine shop capabilities.

Through the years we have continued to focus on our core competencies - machining, fabrication and machine building - while growing our business to provide a wider range of products and services.

In 2000, we acquired the New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine Company and consolidated its operations into our Cherry Hill, New Jersey facility.

In 2008, Precision Automation® Company introduced Arca Automation. Backed by Precision Automation® and Arca Etichette SPA of Milan, Italy, it expanded our product offerings to include top quality labeling machinery.

Today, we continue to stay ahead of the curve, utilizing cutting edge technologies and industry best practices to help us provide the utmost in quality and value.

Driven by the needs of our customers, we have evolved over our 70 year history into a versatile, vertically integrated company offering a variety of automation solutions to domestic and global industries.

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Precision Automation® Company, Inc.

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