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Precision Automation gets a fresh look!

Cherry Hill, NJ - December 2015

Take a look at Precision Automation's new appearance highlighting our company colors:



Precision Automation Named to Quality Magazine's Leadership 100

Cherry Hill, NJ - February 2014

We are pleased to announce that Precision Automation Company, Inc. was honored in the February 2014 issue of Quality Magazine as being ranked number 24 on the Leadership 100: Top Companies list!

Leardship 100 Plaque

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Precision Automation® Upgrades Machining Capabilities with New Equipment!

Cherry Hill, NJ - 5 December 2012

Precision Automation® is pleased to announce our latest technology upgrade! With the purchase of a brand-new Haas VF5ss CNC Machining Center, we are more equipped to provide the highest quality machined parts and components faster than ever before!

Haas VF5ss

The VF5ss (Super-Speed) uses cutting edge technology to provide precision machining. As stated on the Haas website, "Haas high-performance Super-Speed vertical machining centers provide the high spindle speeds, fast rapids and quick tool changes necessary for high-volume production and reduced cycle times."  

Gerry Renzi, our Director of Sales, shares in our company-wide enthusiasm. "We look forward to putting our new machining center to work manufacturing parts for you" he says, "and welcome the opportunity to quote high quality solutions for your requirements."

Check out our new video of the VF5ss running and be sure to Contact Us today to discuss all of your machined parts and component needs!





 Arca Automation Logo


Arca Automation to Introduce Print & Apply Labeling Machinery at Pack Expo 2012

Cherry Hill, NJ – 15 October 2012

Arca Automation is pleased to introduce two unique Print & Apply Labeling Systems. Our Dual-Label Print & Apply is a specialized version of our successful LinerPlus Machine that simultaneously applies two labels at once. While applications for this innovative technology vary, at Pack Expo we will be showcasing a machine that simultaneously applies a shipping label and a packing list. Demand from our customers has driven the development of this machine and we’ve already experienced success working with major online merchandisers.

Additionally, we are excited to introduce an innovative Inkjet Print & Apply system. Utilizing HP Inkjet Cartridges, this system allows for high performance Print & Apply labeling, without the limitations of standard thermal transfer print modules. The Inkjet Print & Apply allows for faster labeling, higher resolution graphics and the elimination of thermal transfer ribbon consumables. We are thrilled to show this innovative system at Pack Expo 2012 for the first time.

The new Inkjet and Dual-Label Print & Apply Machines will be featured in Arca Automation’s Booth # N-4545 at Pack Expo 2012 from October 28th-31st in Chicago, IL. In addition, we will be displaying our full line of pressure sensitive labeling equipment including LINERLESS Print & Apply and our unique Conical Labeling System!

Arca Automation Logo




Precision Automation at PackEx Montreal 2012!

Precision Automation is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at PackEx Montreal 2012 in BOOTH 2200.

PackEx Montreal Banner

Experts will be on hand to discuss all of your Contract Manufacturing, Engineered Systems, Material Handling, Integration, and Labeling needs. Click HERE TO ATTEND THE SHOW FOR FREE and be sure to stop by Booth 2200!



Arca Automation at Pack Expo International 2012!

Arca Automation will be exhibiting at Pack Expo International 2012 in Chicago, IL in BOOTH N-4545.

Pack Expo Logo

Be sure to stop by Booth # N-4545 to discover our full line of labeling and identification systems as well as our automation and material handling expertise!

Click to attend Pack Expo for free





Arca Automation Introduces New Print & Apply Labeling MachineryEasyLiner with EASYJET Blow Applicator

Cherry Hill, NJ – 11 April 2012 - Arca Automation is pleased to introduce the EasyLiner Print & Apply Labeling System. The EasyLiner is a lower cost option to our LinerPlus and LINERLESS Print & Apply Labeling Systems and is designed for applications that do not require high speed or LINERLESS capabilities. Demand from our customers has driven this simple and lower cost machine and we’ve already experienced success having sold numerous machines to excited customers across the United States.

The robust EasyLiner is a compact machine that is based off Arca Automation’s very successful Easy Label Applicator. It features the proven Sato LT408 digital print module and can be equipped with two applicator options; a Tamp Applicator or the EASYJET blow applicator. Its small footprint makes it perfect for applications with limited available space and it is suitable for all industrial settings.

The new EasyLiner will be featured in Arca Automation’s Booth #2827 at EastPack this May in Philadelphia, PA. Click here to Attend EastPack 2012 for FREE and see the EasyLiner in person!

Additional links:

EasyLiner’s new webpage and Sato LT408 Printer specifications.

Request a Quote or more information on EasyLiner.  





Precision Automation® has Developed a Partnership with Sapient Automation.

Cherry Hill, NJ - 10/01/2011 - Precision Automation® is proud to announce a partnership with Sapient Automation, a leader in automated storage and retrieval systems. Sapient's Vertical Lift Modules save up to 85% of floor space, and eliminate mis-picks with 99.9% pick accuracy.

Let Precision and Sapient revolutionize the way your warehousing and distribution centers operate! Learn more about Sapient Automation HERE.

Click HERE to contact one of Precision Automation's system integration specialists.





Arca Automation to Introduce a New Line of Labeling Equipment at Pack Expo 2011!

We are excited to announce our new LinerPlus (pictured left) and LINERLESS (pictured right) Print and Apply Labeling Solutions. Featuring a variety of new control’s to meet your needs; the LinerPlus is entirely customizable to your requirements. Its robust construction and design make the LinerPlus suitable for any industrial environment.  LINERLESS

LinerPlus AdvancedLINERLESS is the eco-friendly and cost effective solution to the labeling industry. It will cut your costs and reduce your carbon footprint. All of Arca’s Print and Apply solutions are available with a wide variety of applicators and adjustment assemblies for precise label placement on the top, side, bottom, and front or back of your product. Be sure to ask about the Value LinerPlus, LinerPlus Advanced and LINERLESS Print and Apply systems at Booth C-2635.

Arca Automation continues to provide complete labeling systems for various applications. These systems apply up to four labels on a product and are supported by Arca Automation’s turnkey production and packaging line integration capabilities.

For more information, visit Arca Automation's newly renovated website!



Arca Automation

Arca Automation to Exhibit at PACK EXPO International

 September 26th - 28th 2011

Pack Expo 2011

We would like to invite and encourage our industry associates to visit our booth # C - 2635 at the Pack Expo International in Las Vegas, NV from September 26th -28th. Our full line of In-line Pressure Sensitive Labeling machinery will be on display and our experienced sales associates will be ready to review your specific labeling requirements. 


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Visit our website or call 856-428-9808 for more information.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!



Precision Automation Celebrates 65 Years!

7 January 2011

Precision Automation 65 Years

On the evening of January 7th, 2011 Precision Automation Company held a 65th Anniversary and Retirement Celebration for our founder Fred Rexon Sr. It was a joyous event shared by our employees, families and friends. For more information on the event, awards given out, pictures and video, please see our blog.




Introducing a Revolutionary Cost-Effective Solution for the Application of Linerless Print and Apply Labels.

EASTON, PA / CHERRY HILL, NJ - 10/27/10 - POLYKOTE CORP and ARCA AUTOMATION announce that they have teamed up to introduce a complete system for Print and Apply Linerless Label applications.

Utilizing Polykote Corp’s SILGON Linerless Technology (Patent Pending) with Arca Automation’s Bi-Fuel Linerless label applicator, the two companies will be demonstrating Print & Apply success at PACK EXPO in Chicago’s McCormick Place.

Polykote’s SILGON label material costs less than standard linered as well as traditional Linerless label stock. The system on display introduces a first of its kind Print and Apply system that allows for non-tacky self-adhesive Linerless label stock to be activated pre-application utilizing a focused heat source.

Come witness this revolutionary, cost efficient and environmentally friendly process at Booth # N-3345

For more information on this linerless breakthrough see Polykote's Linerless Page and Arca Automation's Linerless Page  


Mark Johnson
Arca Automation 
1841 Old Cuthbert Rd.
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

John Guzzo
Polykote Corp
135 Kuebler Rd.
Easton, PA 18040  


Strategic Partnership Announced

6 October 2010

We are proud to announce a strategic partnership between Precision Automation® Company, Inc. of Cherry Hill, NJ and SMC Packaging Machines S.r.l. of Udine, Italy.

Precision Automation will market, sell, manufacture, install and service SMC’s Automated Sandwich Line Equipment in North America. The “modular” design of the systems allow for differing levels of automation dependent on the requirements of the producer.

The ASL 60 sandwich production line is a complete in-line system and utilizes a modular design for maximum flexibility and high productivity. These lines are capable of producing up to 60 sandwiches per minute.

The ASL 40 sandwich production line utilizes a revolutionary rotary design that minimizes the amount of required floor space. It is ideal for medium sized producers of sandwiches, and is a perfect start for automating production. The ASL 40 is capable of producing up to 40 sandwiches per minute.

Both lines utilize a sandwich centering system that ensures consistency and employ ultrasonic cutting technology for clean and accurate cutting of any meat or filler.  

By automating sandwich production, companies can increase efficiency, lower costs and provide superior sandwiches at a consistent quality and fast rate. These truly superior automated lines will save money, increase throughput and dramatically improve your sandwich making process.

North American operations are based out of Precision Automation’s New Jersey plant. It is a natural fit with the 65-year old company’s capabilities, resources, experience and tradition of providing high quality automation systems, machinery, controls and integration services.

Precision Automation’s expertise in manufacturing and integration, coupled with SMC’s innovative sandwich production line, will revolutionize the sandwich production industry. Call us at any time (856)-428-7400 for more information or email   



Arca Automation

Arca Automation                                                                                        September 28, 2010 

Arca Automation is excited to be partaking in PACK EXPO International 2010 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL from October 31st – November 3rd. We will have some of our In-line Pressure Sensitive Labeling Systems on display along with our experienced team to discuss your unique labeling requirements.

It is with pride and excitement that we will be highlighting Arca’s ecological solution to the labeling industry. “Go green” with our Bi-Fuel Linerless Print and Apply Labeler. This unit uses Linerless self-adhesive labeling technology to create square or rectangular self-adhesive labels that do not require a release liner.

In essence, Linerless labels are drawn from a self-adhesive continuous band wound over itself, exactly like an adhesive tape. After passing through the print module labels are "cut" to a desired length at the moment of application.

Self-adhesive Linerless labels are ideal for all logistical uses, whether they are applied on boxes, bundles or pallets. They present multiple advantages compared to traditional self-adhesive labels:

    A roll of Linerless material contains, for an equal diameter, at least double the number of labels compared to a traditional roll of self-adhesive material. Labeling operators dedicate less time to changing rolls, and overall system downtime is cut in half.
    Thanks to the contained thickness, less clearance is required, which translates into lower costs for packaging, shipping and storage. Above all, the cost of disposing silicone liner is completely eliminated. This not only saves you money but also helps you to do your part in preserving the environment.
    Every year, millions of square meters of silicone liner paper are disposed of in dumping grounds and incinerators. Linerless labels do not produce any waste products! Companies favoring environmentally friendly policies contribute to tomorrow's world while improving their own image on the market.

Arca Automation will be exhibiting its Bi-Fuel Linerless Print and Apply System at Pack Expo 2010, visit us at booth # N-3345Arca Logo



Arca Automation to Exhibit at PACK EXPO International

 October 31st - November 3rd 2010

We would like to invite and encourage our industry associates to visit our booth # N-3345 at the Pack Expo International in Chicago, IL from October 31st- November 3rd. Our full line of In-line Pressure Sensitive Labeling machinery will be on display and our experienced sales associates will be ready to review your specific labeling requirements.

 Also, we are proud to announce that we will be displaying a complete Open Frame Wrapping System. Arca’s innovative “open frame” structure eliminates panels in the base of the machine which allow for efficient inspection, maintenance and hassle-free operation. These systems are a strong base for applying multiple labels on a product. They are capable of labeling square, elliptical, cylindrical, conical, and even uniquely shaped products on top and bottom, top and side and two sides. Horizontal and vertical positioning handwheels enable precise and effortless format changeovers without tools.

Visit our website or call 856-428-9808 for more information.

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago! 

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