Contract Manufacturing

"Insource/Reshore" your manufacturing to us! We can match allign our manufacturing capabilities with your project needs.

We manufacture your products on a production basis - whether it is a part, a sub-assembly, tooling or fixture. We will become your strategic partner. Our manufacturing facilities have extensive production equipment including small and large CNC Machining Centers, CMM Equipment, Welding Equipment, Test Equipment, Paint Capabilities and High Bay Assembly Space.

Outsource to us if:

  • A product is a resale or accessory item which falls outside your primary capabilities.
  • The manufacturing processes involved does not fit with your primary capabilities.
  • Your factories are at capacity, and having some products made by outside vendors increases your flexibility.


Contract manufacturing


Contract Manufacturing Image


  • Cost Savings - You don't need to invest in new production facilities, or hire additional skilled labor, to produce your product.
  • Plant Space Savings -You save scarce plant production space.
  • Equipment & Production Technology/Expertise - You have access to the latest equipment design and production technologies through our experienced staff of engineers and production personnel.
  • Quality Control - You benefit from our rigorous quality management system procedures (ISO 9001 Certification), ensuring that your customers receive a high quality product.

Here is what our customers have to say about us:


”Precision Automation is a great asset to our company. They are able to make the parts we require in a timely and cost effective manner." 

-Phil Librach, Director of Purchasing

Columbia Dentoform Corporation




"I called Precision Automation because I had a machine which was outdated and the manufacturer had gone out of business. Precision came to my packing house and helped me figure out what I needed. Their quote was quick and acurate and a Precision Automation salesman personally delivered the parts to me. I was back in business in under a week. Thanks to the entire Precision Automation staff for a job well done."

- Ed Gaventa, Owner

Cedarvale Winery