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Underground Shopping Center to Open in NYC with the help from Precision Automation Co., Inc.

Posted by Hannah Sokol on Fri, Mar 18, 2016 @ 10:03 AM
Set to open in the spring, New York City will welcome an up-and-coming underground shopping center at the Columbus Circle Subway Station. The 34 stores will include restaurants, boutiques, cafes and other consumer favorites. We are happy to announce we have been a part of this movement since the earlier stages by providing two essential conveyors developed specifically for this underground center, also known as TurnStyle.

TurnStyle reached out to Precision Automation Company, Inc. seeking solutions. One of the problems facing the Principals of the property, Susan Fine and Howard Glatzer, was how to transport merchandise down to the stores as well as move trash back up to the street level. The only access for delivering products to and from the underground store complex was through a hatch in the sidewalk. The contractor for the project, ZDG LLC (along with Ms. Fine and Mr. Glatzer) contacted us to design a material handling solution. Marty Cohen and Chuck Whitby, of the Integrated Conveyor Solutions division of Precision Automation Company, Inc. were able to design an effective solution to fit their needs.

Our company supplied a scissor lift with a stainless steel conveyor on top in order to fit totes carrying products through the hatch. Since this system was being set up in a tight area and needed to align to the hatch dimensions, the engineering and installation had to be exact. An incline/decline conveyor was also installed in the stairwell in order to bring the product totes up and down from the scissors lift to the access door, adjacent to the numerous store locations.




Once the shopping center opens, the various businesses will continue to use the conveyor system for both shop replenishment and removal of scrap materials. "Precision was creative, determined and delivered on time and on schedule. An excellent job," said Ms. Fine.


Precision Automation Company, Inc. handled the project from start to finish, supplying: scissor lift, stainless steel conveyor on the lift, incline/decline conveyor, electrical controls, mechanical installation, and wiring. One of our main goals at Precision Automation Company, Inc. is to provide our clients with quality engineered solutions.

Click here to watch the video.

For more information on Precision Automation Co., Inc., click here.

For more information on TurnStyle, click here.

The Ripple Effect: How the Job Market Affects the Automated World

Posted by Hannah Sokol on Fri, Feb 26, 2016 @ 09:02 AM

America’s labor market has advanced far beyond the recession. Just this past month (January, 2016), there were 151,000 new CES* jobs added to the market thus resulting in a total of 143,288,000 jobs; this job growth leads to one thing- $$$. In fact, it was just noted that the job market in America is at an 8-year low of 4.9%.

What does this mean for the needs of automation in the supply chain industry? Businesses thrive on a little concept just like the ripple effect. You know, throwing a rock in water, resulting in ripples/waves surfacing which then can upset nearby fish, birds, vegetation. Before jumping in, let’s rewind to December 2007--the start of The Great Recession.

Millions of American’s are getting laid off, but why? It began with the bursting of an 8 trillion dollar housing bubble. The resulting loss of wealth led to sharp cutbacks in consumer spending. This loss of consumption, combined with the financial market chaos triggered by the bursting of the bubble, also led to a collapse in business investment. As consumer spending and business investment dried up, massive job loss followed. This ultimately resulted in an absence of demand in all facets of industries which then lead to the decline in mass production. People are being frugal, therefore there isn’t that high demand that we want for the production of goods.


Not all companies went through the above stated steps. What about the companies who integrated automation into their stores for the customer to directly use? In order for companies to stay afloat during the recession and to maximize their profits, instead of turning away from automated technology, this was exactly their answer. Let’s look at it this way. It’s now December 2008, one year into the recession. The company isn’t maximizing their profit because of the need for a designated amount of employees working. In fact, they’re barely breaking even and that’s when automation can help the company flourish.


Now since the shock of The Great Recession is subsiding, at this point, money is moving better than it was in 2007. Again, this is where that little ripple effect comes into play. There are plenty of jobs leading to a greater demand for goods. This leads to a higher request for the production of said goods, finally leading to the need to increase how much is being produced and the need for automated machinery.


For January 2016, the total industrial output is on the rise again with a 0.9% increase, this is a key performance indicator as it is important for developing automated solutions. Regardless of the market, automation is/can be a key contributing factor to a company's survival and growth depending on the market; this goes for our company as well. Precision Automation Company Inc. is/can be an integral factor to your company’s existence and development, regardless of the market.


*CES (Current Employment Statistics) jobs that count the number of employees on employer payrolls.

50 Years of Football; 70 Years of Precision

Posted by Hannah Sokol on Fri, Feb 05, 2016 @ 14:02 PM

Arguably America’s favorite Sunday of the year, Super Bowl 50 is just around the corner. Ah, football season. I can already hear the stadium roar and more importantly, I can smell the pizza and chicken wings. In most cases, people come for the sport but I come for the food. Sorry, fellas. On February 7, the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers at 6:30 EST with the Panthers favored 10-1.

This Super Bowl in particular is different than any other. This year marks 50 years since the beginning of this unofficial American national holiday. In fact, the big game isn’t the only one hitting milestones this year; 2016 marks the 70th anniversary of Precision Automation Company, Inc.

A lot can change in 50 years. Every year, the Super Bowl gets bigger and better, and that too is another thing in common with Precision Automation. The only thing that hasn’t changed in the past 70 years is our family oriented atmosphere. Unlike how the Super Bowl can be at times- I’m talkin’ about you, Janet Jackson.

 first_super_bowl.jpg 150201195428-25-super-bowl-xlix-super-169.jpg

Clearly, standing room only at Super Bowl I.

Capture.jpg Precision_Building_3-1.jpg

  Our first shop was established in 1946 by our founder, Fred Rexon Sr. in a sheet metal building heated by a pot belly stove. We’ve come a long way since then!

 The Super Bowl has a little bit of everything. Whether you tune in to laugh at the commercials, (or cry at the sad puppy ones,) enjoy the halftime show, or you’re truly a football fan, or just a plain old fan of food (like myself) there really is a little bit for everyone.

And that’s what we like to think about Precision Automation, as well. We do just about any type of automation work and pride ourselves on our ability to rarely say “no” to a job.

So until Sunday, I have questions that I’m itching to get answered. Who will finally hoist the Lombardi Trophy in victory? Will the Broncos put up a better fight than at Super Bowl XLVIII? And ultimately, will you be a part of Precision? We’ll soon find out!


Getting to Know Precision Automation: Marie Iezzi

Posted by Hannah Sokol on Thu, Oct 29, 2015 @ 23:10 PM

It is time for yet another installment of our "Getting to Know Precision Automation:..." series. In this edition, we will be putting the spotlight onto our Controller (Accounting), Marie Iezzi. Marie has been with Precision for 13 years and "accounting". Within her answers below you will find that dedication and loyalty are just some of the qualities that could be used to describe Marie. Marie deifinetly brings a spirit like no other to the table and we wouldn't have it any other way!


What are some of your favorite memories throughout your time at Precision?

My favorite memories all seem to be centered on the celebrations we had here; a successful quarter, employee or company milestone (personal or professional). Precision celebrates its employees.


What work experiences did you have before starting at Precision?

Customer service is where my work experience starts, specifically in food service. Then it was on to Accounting for me. My accounting work brought me to a variety of different businesses including a construction company, a utility company, and a few different manufacturing companies before finding my home here.


What makes Precision stand out to you?

Precision has allowed me to grow as a person and as a professional. I have been able to work with other departments and help out when needed. The company also encouraged me to complete a First Aid training course.


What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy jewelry making, vegetable gardening, fishing, reading and spending time with my daughter and husband in the great outdoors.


Where would your dream vacation take you?

My dream vacation would be an extended Cathedral trip across Europe.


What is your favorite band/musical artist?

My favorite music varies with my mood but if I had to pick just one, it would have to be Trace Adkins. He has an unbelievable range.


Additional facts or comments either personal or professional.

I have had many experiences in my life while here at Precision both good and bad. The people at Precision have ALL been there to help or celebrate along the way. Precision Automation is a family run business, but the real family is the people who work here.


Join in on the conversation! Comment below and give Marie well wishes for the future and let her know if you think you'd find yourself singing along at Trace's next concert!


Until next time...

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The Fine Fellow, Mr. Dick Scavello

Posted by Hannah Sokol on Thu, Oct 08, 2015 @ 14:10 PM

A key member of our Sales/Project management team recently joined our “Quarter Century” Group and has also celebrated with a tri-fecta of impressive project accomplishments.

Dick Scavello’s 25 years at Precision Automation have been defined by a team-playing and project-solutions approach refined over 45+ years in the Conveyor industry. His dedication to our customers has been rewarded with repeat business and enviable loyalty at key accounts.

Dick handled a recently completed Conveyor System from soup-to-nuts for a long-standing customer. This Project had been in the works for over 2 years and evolved over several buildings and many layouts prior to the actual site selection. During implementation, building construction delays led to a multitude of issues too numerous to recount creating serious roadblocks for the installation. With invaluable assistance from Chuck Whitby, our team was able to completely install and test the system prior even to power being available in the building.

Dick also completed a unusual Pallet/Drum Filling & Handling project. The layout for this system required some gymnastics to fit the site conditions, and also included unique devices for drum positioning. This System solved several operation issues for the Plant.

Dick shows no sign of slowing down in pursuit of Solutions for our customers. We’re fortunate that he found his career home here at Precision Automation and has been a key part of our Integrated Conveyor Solutions division for these last 25 years.

Written By: Mark Petri, Vice President

Leave a comment below congratulating Dick on all his success and hard work!

Until next time...

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Getting to Know Precision Automation: Steve Huvane

Posted by Hannah Sokol on Wed, Jul 29, 2015 @ 10:07 AM

SteveCaptureAs some of our loyal blog followers may know, our "Getting to Know Precision Automation:..." is a series that puts a spotlight on various employees within our organization. This edition we are introducing Steve Huvane, our newest employee and member of the Integrated Conveyor Solutions (ICS) Team.

Although Steve’s roots are planted here in New Jersey, he has gotten to know other areas of the country as well. Steve attended the University of Delaware where he studied Finance and Economics and gained a scholarship through the Army ROTC program. After school, he commissioned as an officer in the Army and was stationed in Washington State. During his military tenure, he was delopyed to several countries overseas and occupied multiple positions in logistcs, maintenance and operations management.

Steve is always up for an adventure. In Washington, Steve took up hiking as a hobby and eventuially summited Mt. Rainer with his brother last summer. For those of you who don’t know, Mt. Rainer is a 14,411 ft. active volcano! With many adventures under his belt, Steve is excited to be back home and looks to being a part of the Precision Automation family.

Let's ask him a few questions!

As our newest employee, what are you looking to gain out of working at Precision Automation?

"First, I am grateful for the opportunity to work at such a proven company whose impact is felt all around the world in various businesses and industries. As the newest member of the ICS team, I am looking forward to building my knowledge base of conveyor systems and components, and learn from a vast experience of the others on my team and across Precision as a whole."

What work experiences did you have before starting at Precision?


"I served 4 1/2 years as a logistics officer in the US Army stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State, with a concentration in logistics, maintenance and operations management. I was deployed for a year to Jordan, Kuwait, and Kazakhstan with the mission of instructing foreign troops on the US Army tactics, techniques, and procedures.”

What makes Precision stand out and what do you feel sets us apart from our competition?

"What stands out to me are the personal relationships that have developed both within the company and with our customers. I can appreciate how rare this is, and as a new addition to the Precision family, I value what it brings to the professional workplace environment.”

What are some of your hobbies?

“Ice hockey, running, hiking, live music concerts, craft beer tasting, softball, spending time with family.”

Where would your dream vacation take you?

“All around the world, anywhere outside my comfort zone. Exploring beaches, mountains, anywhere with a stunning view!”

What is your favorite band/musical artist?

“The Allman Brothers Band, Gov’t Mule, Phish, The Black Crowes, other blues rock bands.”


We are excited to welcome Steve to Precision Automation! Please welcome him in the comment section below!

Untill next time...

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Growth within Precision: Introducing a New Strategic Partnership

Posted by Hannah Sokol on Tue, Jun 23, 2015 @ 11:06 AM


With great partnerships, comes greater opportunity

Precision Automation Company, Inc. is proud to announce its strategic partnership with G.S. Italia S.r.l. of Marnate, Italy. Following a visit to G.S. Italia to finalize the partnership agreement, President and CEO, Fred Rexon Jr. notes, “G.S. Italia is a family business located near Milan, Italy. The company produces high quality processing and filling equipment for the food industry. We are excited to introduce their products to the North American market”.


With Precision Automation fast approaching 70 years in business providing high quality and innovative solutions for industry, we are constantly exploring different and complimentary avenues to develop new business. Through strategic partnerships and by aligning ourselves with an international company such as G.S. Italia, we are doing just that. It allows Precision Automation to broaden our reach and continue to extend our portfolio of machinery and system solutions for customers in various industries.

For over 30 years, G.S. Italia has developed various innovative automated solutions for the food industry. Their systems increase productivity, reduce overhead costs and dramatically improve product consistency. Precision will offer many of their superior products such as:


We are also pleased to announce that Precision Automation and G.S. Italia will be exhibiting at Process Expo 2015 this September. Please visit us in Booth 6320 at McCormick Place in Chicago this September 15-18 to see our equipment in action and to discuss your food processing machinery requirements.

For more information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We encourage you to visit our website and follow/subscribe to our social media platforms (Our Blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for updates regarding this partnership and to keep up with the “Pulse of Precision”. Be sure to share your thoughts with us using #VisionWithPrecision.


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Some Love for the City of Brotherly Love

Posted by Hannah Sokol on Wed, Feb 11, 2015 @ 17:02 PM

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         The city of Brotherly Love will be opening up its arms to the Packaging and Processing world this coming Monday. That’s right, the first ever Pack Expo East is set to begin at 10am this Monday (February 16) inside the Philadelphia Convention Center.

            Why Philadelphia though…? …Why not! Aside from being a great city with something to do on every corner, Philadelphia a great center point for many of the nation’s Consumer Packaging Goods (CPG’s) Manufacturers. Actually, nearly 1/3 of the nation’s top CPG’s are within a 200 describe the imagemile radius from Philadelphia. Jim Pittas, Senior VP of Tradeshows says “Philadelphia is an accessible and affordable destination for manufacturing professionals on the East Coast,” he continues to say... “By hosting a PACK EXPO event here, we’re creating an opportunity for manufacturers to bring more team members to the show. It means they can explore innovations on the line and new solutions that they’ve never considered before.” With all this action on the East Coast, Philadelphia makes for a perfect match to continue the success of Pack Expo.
            The show will have something for everyone. From Purchasers, to Packaging Designers and R&D to Sales, Pack Expo East has got you covered.  Among all these booths, Arca Automation, a Precision Automation Company, will be on the floor in Booth #1244 showcasing many of our products including our:
  • POWERKIT Label Applicator and Print & Apply System
  • Auto Applied Enclosed Packing List Print & Apply System
  • Tabletop Semi-Automatic Wrap System
  • Flagship Evolution 160 Label Applicator
            Aside from us being available to answer your questions, we hope you stop by and add to our vision board! Please stop by and share your vision with Precision! Whether it’s a personal or professional goal, what is your vision for you and your company in 2015! Stop by or tweet us using #visionwithprecision and make sure you follow @Precision_Automation on Instagram and @PAutomationCo on Twitter to find out all the latest and greatest from Arca Automation during Pack Expo East!
           describe the image
           With hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees already registered, Pack Expo East is sure to be a great launching point and lead to bigger and better things in the future. Comment below and let us know if we will see you next week…? What you’re excited to see…? Or what your vision is…?

Until next time…

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You Can't Rush A Masterpiece

Posted by Hannah Sokol on Thu, Jan 22, 2015 @ 13:01 PM

“The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising” is how the Oxford English Dictionary defines Marketing. Now, my problem with this is not just the definition in particular, it’s with any definition that attempts to, in one statement, describe what Marketing is. When you say the word Marketing my mind is immediately drawn to a concept, to a picture of what something could be, not what something is. Marketing to me isn’t one thing; it’s an infinite amount of things. Sure there are concepts, key terms, and ideology that may create the foundation of what Marketing is, but beyond that there is no correct answer as to what to do.

Some people say that Marketing is more of a science than an art and although it does involve some volatile ingredients, I would again argue the exact opposite. With no two businesses alike, how can one Company’s Marketing plan completely apply to another? Artists all learn the foundation of art but move past that to go on and create their own masterpieces and no two masterpieces are ever alike… how is the art form of Marketing any different?

Marketing, like any popular art form, needs to take influence and meaning from the world that surrounds it. Meaning that you need to connect with the trends or lifestyles that are going on artmarket[1]around you in order to be successful, and more importantly in order to stand the test of time, years later someone will look back and have some insight as to where you came from. With fads, trends, and social norms changing all the time, your business needs a Marketing plan that is ahead of, not on track with the world around it. When looking to create your masterpiece of a business these difficulties come into play. If you are able to accomplish this, your company can stand tall among the changes around you.

To apply this concept to today’s world there is no clearer influence to focus on than technology. There is no doubt that throughout the last decade the world has been taken on the wild roller coaster with the newest gadget or upgrade always around the next corner. It may be hard to keep up but we have since adapted strategies to continue our masterpieces shining brightly.

In order for you to shine among your competitors, utilizing the trends and fads of the world is most beneficial. In today’s technology driven world businesses have clung onto every facet of technology in order to make things easier. Where this may be true in the short term, looking long term I will argue that the opposite may be so. Social media is probably the biggest facet of technology that all business across all industries have begun utilizing. It’s a great concept allowing you to connect to your friends, your fans, and your favorite stars instantly with the best thing being that it’s always at your fingertips 24/7.

Soon after the boom of technology and social media, came the boom of content marketing. In utilizing social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) it forced businesses to task their marketing teams with content to fill there profiles with.   In having content focused platforms for your target audience this made the job of getting the message to our audience that much easier. Word of mouth, audience preference, and buy-to-try were all just a click away, but one thing became a problem… attention.

With content coming at you from all angles, pulling the attention of your audience is now an information overload[1]even bigger struggle than before. Secondly, there is so much “new” content being created every day that the content that you created a week ago may no longer be relevant today. Speaking long term, Marketers are now being faced with being as creative as possible as often as possible in order to keep the name of your company exposed and brand continually relevant. In order to achieve continuous exposure your business is tasked with continuous hard work. 

Until recently there were different types of Marketing media in which you could get your message across: Paid media (advertising), earned media (content creation), and owned media (PR). With the boom of content marketing and social sharing platforms, the lines between these Medias have been severely blurred and made way for the new concept of Real-Time Marketing. In order to keep up with the new pace of the ever changing world marketers and businesses need to be acting as soon as possible and are forced to work in “real time” in order to keep up with the demands for fresh, new, and creative content.

imagesEN38I18U resized 600Real-Time Marketing is the newest solution to keep up with the demand of content, but does it cause another problem? A new business launches their products or services and because of real time marketing techniques, can see a surge of new customers within days or weeks, where before it could have taken months. Now as great as that may sounds, it too comes with potential problems.

When looking at a chart showing a company’s success, before, you would have probably seen a bell curve. A slow climb up toward their peak of success and then it would start to dip down a little bit until they released a new product or service and then would go back up again, a normal up and down trend of success. Today, with exposure being more instantaneous, when you look at the same chart, you will probably see a different picture.

Instead of that gradual climb of success in the beginning, you are seeing more of an upward spike (great), but then followed by an equally as quick plummet (not so great). Real-Time Marketing has become a yet another catalyst to speed up the process of success and how we conduct ourselves corporately. That slow gradual climb to success may have taken longer but it gave business the time they needed to create, prepare, and solidify their next big thing. This is where the problem comes into play.

Just like any masterpiece, time is of the essence. Getting the job done is important but in orderdescribe the image to have something worthwhile you need to take the time to make sure that it is the best it can be. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. Technology is great, but is it taking away from what Marketers and business really need to be doing? If we take a second and stop competing with the clock, we might just find the time we need in order to make the clock the least of our worries.

Moving forward into 2015 and beyond we don’t know where the world will take us, but we do know that we have the choice to control the path we take to get there. Do you think we’re in the driver’s seat or has technology taken over? Have you noticed this trend yourself? What can you do to change this? How will this affect the way you run your business? What masterpieces will you strive to create? Please weigh in in the comments below; let us know what you think.

Until next time…

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Reassurance on Reshoring

Posted by Hannah Sokol on Wed, Jan 07, 2015 @ 09:01 AM

            Ringing in a new year brings many different things, among them resolutions and rumors. Bringing pen to paper on everyone’s newest chapter of their self-titled novel promotes everyone getting off on the right foot. With that comes the speculation of what lies ahead? What trends will 2015 bring…? How will it affect my business…? Where do I fit in to the big picture…?

            Moving into 2015 I may not be able to help you drop that holiday weight but I can help you with a little insight on what is to come moving into this year. Reshoring… a buzz word and a topic that has long been discussed at the water cooler has now been brought to center stage. Reshoring (for those interested) is defined as the practice of bringing outsourced personnel and services back to the location from which they were originally offshored. I believe that 2015 will be the year that sets reshoring into motion for the US and in turn, starts the upward rise that puts “Made in the USA” back on the bottom of products and on the top of everyone’s mind!

            Since The Great Recession of 2008/2009 we have seen our economy take a turn for the worse, the unemployment rate rise, and exporting and manufacturing go down. With the economic downturn companies were forced to cut costs and pinch pennies and therefore started manufacturing in foreign countries to accomplish those goals. At the time, foreign countries such as China had an advantage and were able to meet these requirements. Even with the larger lead time, the money saved was worth wait. This is no longer the case. With Chinese working wages having risen almost 6,000% since 2001 and the lead time staying stagnant at around 6 months, that cost advantage over the US has shrunk to about 4%.

            For many countries around the world the ends are no longer justifying the means and the lion’s share of the world’s manufacturing market is up for grabs. According to Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 21% of US executives in manufacturing said that they are looking to move production back into the US. They are also speculating that within the next 5 years manufacturing will be increasing for the US and dramatically decreasing for countries such as China, Japan, and Mexico.

            With countries shopping around, the US is in the lead with the most to offer and biggest appeal for many reasons. With our existing infrastructures, the US has been able to keep the costs down, with our vast resources we will be able to keep up with the demand of the world, and lastly we also have a geographical advantage and are in good standing with many countries around the world.

            With all roads leading to the US, exporting and manufacturing will be the unsung hero of the USA’s upward turn in the coming years. With manufacturing and production entering back in to the country we will see more jobs being created and more money being funneled into our economy. I am in no way am suggesting that this is the end to all our problems, but I do think that it’s a light at the end of the tunnel that allows us to move forward into 2015 with much optimism.

            Moving into the future Precision Automation would like to “reshore” you that we are continuing our efforts in providing our clients with efficient and cost effective solutions to any and all of your automation needs. Don’t hesitate to give us a call make Precision a part of your 2015 vision!

            Please share this with your friends and colleagues and comment below to let me know what you think. Do you agree? Does your research show you something different? Where do you and your business fit into all of this? How will this affect how you do business in 2015?

            Until next time….

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