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Leaping Into 2018 with Multiple Milestones at Precision Automation®!

Posted by Stephen Huvane on Mon, Jan 08, 2018 @ 14:01 PM

IMG_0440.jpg(Fred Rexon Jr., President & CEO, addresses employees in the machine shop)

                Precision Automation® looks ahead to the new year of 2018 while simultaneously looking back in appreciation of all the employees that are celebrating a milestone year with the company! 

                Just before the holidays kicked into full effect, with our employees beginning to spend some of their well-earned vacation days to spend Christmastime and New Years with family members and friends, Fred Rexon gave his quarterly address to the company. Happily reporting another positive quarter for the sixth time in a row, he offered congratulations to the following individuals for their respective time spent as part of the Precision Automation® family: 

  • Jim Barber – 10 years
  • Marty Cohen – 10 years
  • John Vavra – 10 years
  • Chuck Whitby – 10 years 


  • Gail Morris – 15 years 


  • Ed Bailey – 20 years


  • Lea Hopman – 25 years


  • John Pomponio – 35 years


  • Harry McAdams – 50 years

Each and every individual who steps foot through the doorway to offer their time and efforts to Precision Automation® is deserving of praise. But these individuals have truly become part of something bigger, and their service to the organization has not gone without recognition and appreciation.


(Harry McAdams thanks Fred Rexon and his colleagues) 

A separate entry will be posted soon about Harry McAdams, whose 50 years of employment at Precision Automation® stands out as a feat only one other non-CEO employee has accomplished in the history of the company. 

As we bid farewell to 2017 and look ahead to the New Year and all the professional journeys that accompany it, we at Precision Automation® want to thank all of our employees, customers, suppliers, and partners for helping us reach this point. We are confident about the future and are eager for the opportunity to help our existing customers as well as build new relationships along the way. 

From our Precision Automation® family to yours, have a Happy New Year, and we hope your 2018 is the best one yet! 


(The Precision Automation® management team greets employees with Turkeys and Christmas cards)

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Precision Automation Featured as Cover Story in Global Business North America

Posted by Stephen Huvane on Tue, Oct 10, 2017 @ 11:10 AM

We are honored to be selected for the cover story in the latest issue of Global Business North America as part of their "Made in America!" series on domestic manufacturing companies!

The online publication recaps the history of Precision Automation, highlights the importance of a tight-knit team culture within our organization, details the solution-based process at which our salespeople & engineers excel, and takes a glance at where we aim to take the business in the future. Click the link below for the full article!

 Cover Photo - 2.jpg

70 Years of Excellence

"For the last 70 years, Precision Automation® Company has consistently provided quality machine parts and automation machinery for their customers across a wide range of industries and the family owned business shows no sign of slowing down. They do not relegate themselves to a single industry but have recently seen success within the food and beverage sector, as well as with various pharmaceutical organizations. Their mission statement is: to deliver high quality Automation Systems, Contract Machine Work, Fabrication, Machinery, Controls and related services to improve productivity in their customers' manufacturing and product handling processes."

Read the rest of the story HERE, and see the whole issue of Global Business North America HERE!

Leave feedback below for all of us at Precision Automation!

Company Photo 2017 (2).jpg

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Dick Scavello Raises the Bar: Breaks Corporate Record for Single Sale

Posted by Stephen Huvane on Thu, Sep 21, 2017 @ 10:09 AM

Bodek & Rhodes - June 2015-631884-edited.jpg

Congratulations to Sales Engineer Dick Scavello for closing the largest single order in company history!

This week, Precision Automation® is honored to announce that Dick Scavello has set a corporate milestone by closing the largest single order in our 71-year history!

Scavello has been with the Integrated Conveyor Solutions group of Precision Automation® for 28 years, and has excelled in fulfilling customers' needs by providing various material handling and complete line integration solutions.

Dick Scavello 3 1 12-819787-edited.jpg

From initial concept through design, installation and startup, Scavello offers our customers a level of service that we as a company take pride in. This new project joins many recent successes in the automation of warehousing and distribution centers.

Dick has set the bar high for all of us at Precision Automation® to provide high-quality solutions to our customers. Join us as we say "Congratulations!"

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Dan Rexon Featured in Packaging+Processing OEM Magazine

Posted by Stephen Huvane on Fri, Jul 14, 2017 @ 09:07 AM

We are very happy to announce that Dan Rexon was featured in the Emerging Leaders section of Packaging+Processing OEM magazine's Summer 2017 issue!

Read below the jump for the introduction to the interview Dan had with the PMMI publication, and click the link below for the full article.


Dan Rexon shares his path to

leadership insight

"Having a significant influence on Precision Automation’s future, Rexon focuses on workforce development and being ahead of industry trends.

Dan Rexon has been working at New Jersey-based Precision Automation® Company, Inc., the company his grandfather founded in 1946, since he was in high school. He began his career in the shop, helping with various phases of machine assembly. Rexon has since positioned himself to lead and spearhead the company’s strategic plan. Having a significant influence on Precision Automation’s future, Rexon puts an emphasis on consistently seeking emerging talent that can push the OEM forward to meet customer demands in an ever-advancing business environment. Rexon has taken PMMI’s Leadership Development Program through the Emerging Leaders Network, which he trusts will aid him in leading the 50-person company."

Read the full article in Packaging+Processing OEM HERE!

Leave feedback below for Dan, and the rest of us of at Precision Automation!

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Wishing a Happy Retirement to Tom Gliko

Posted by Stephen Huvane on Fri, May 05, 2017 @ 14:05 PM


Tom on his final day with one of the machines he helped develop

Last week was a bittersweet one here at Precision Automation, as dedicated assembly machinist Tom Gliko retired after 22 years at our company. Universally known as an excellent employee with an easygoing attitude, Tom rescinded the duty of leader of the Zoetis assembly group which has been a cornerstone project for Precision Automation for the last 27 years.

Hailing originally from Great Falls, Montana, Tom grew up with a passion for playing music. His talents on the pedal steel guitar are published in “Montana Americana Music: Boot Stomping in Big Sky Country” (also the source for the picture below). After making his way to the east coast and working at a variety of different companies including Omega Controls and Advanced Development and Engineering Center (ADEC), he was able to network with fellow Precision retiree Steve Schmidt. Steve knew a reliable hard worker when he met one, so he helped facilitate the hiring of Tom into the machine shop and the business has been grateful for the addition ever since.

Tom (2nd from the left) and The Buckskins, circa 1965

The company bid farewell to Tom with a luncheon on Thursday April 27, where he was honored for his diligence and staunch loyalty among all of his colleagues. Dave O’Reilly addressed Tom’s work ethic at the gathering and discussed how he was always willing to go the extra mile for the good of the team, and to ultimately meet the customer’s needs. Dave also spoke candidly afterward about how detail-oriented Tom was in his quality control of the equipment he helped developed. “Several times we received back 100% write-up evaluations from the inspection of our equipment, due largely to Tom’s commitment; and the times we didn’t, he was integral in making sure we corrected our faults and achieved that goal.” Dave proudly described how Tom’s heavy involvement and tireless work ethic deserves much of the credit for the more than 1,150 Zoetis machines that have been manufactured at Precision Automation.

Dave O’Reilly addresses Tom with Fred Rexon on deck

Jeff Salabritas also recalled some of the finer points of Tom’s enthusiasm for his work and how friendly he always was with everyone in the shop. “He was a great coworker to have around here, especially for instructing some of our younger crowd in learning some of these systems that he’s been so familiar with” Jeff beamed. “I would give him a task and fully know that it would be completed on time. Every time.”

Tom was kind enough to answer a few questions on his way out:

How long have you been with our company?

- I’ve been at Precision for 22 years. I started out working in machine assembly all around the shop, helping out with any project that came up that I was able to assist with.

Are there any projects you have been most focused on recently?

- I’ve worked on the Zoetis group, which used to be called Embrex, and have been spending most of my time on that project for over 10 years now.

Do you have any distinct memories from your time here at Precision Automation that stand out to you?

- Well I’ll never forget working some late nights as a result of Hurricane Sandy (back in 2012) and coming in during the day without lights on- that was certainly a unique experience. And there were a handful of other late nights waiting for delivery drivers to show up, but no matter the time of day, we were here to get the job done.

What do you feel sets Precision Automation apart from other companies that you’ve spent time with?

- The personnel here, as well as how this company is run. It’s a laid back atmosphere but one in which you’re expected to do your job. Fred takes care of his employees, and Jeff ensures the shop is very clean- multiple customers have commented on this when they visited us. It really is a great work environment.

What are some of your personal hobbies?

- Music and art are the biggest ones. My wife and I have both always appreciated music, I’m a guitar player myself. And I enjoy still life & portrait art, preferring to work with watercolors.

Do you have a favorite band or artist you’d like to highlight?

- I’d have to say October Project, though I listen to a lot of every kind of sound. I mostly prefer 90s alternative rock and New Age music. As for art, I like the work of John Constable; as well as the aviation prints of Frank Wootten. Any kind of old portrait work stands out to me.

What are you looking forward to most in retirement?

- Spending more time with the grandkids, I’ve got 6 ranging in age from 1 ½ to 9. And having the free time to get back into the music and art that I love. I’m looking forward to it!

Do you have any parting words you’d like to add?

- This place has been like another family to me, just the respect between all the employees. It’s unusual compared to most other places to work, and one of the first things I noticed when I began working here, that everyone works to their full potential but is also treated like an equal. It’s truly unlike any other company and I’ll really miss that.

Tom and Jeff Salabritas


Comment below and send your best wishes to Tom in his retirement!


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Precision Automation Celebrates 70 Years!

Posted by Stephen Huvane on Thu, Dec 01, 2016 @ 11:12 AM


(Fred Rexon Jr., President & CEO)

        It has been over 70 years since Fred Rexon Sr. first opened the doors to Precision Parts Company. On Sunday November 20 2016, employees, industry associates, family, and friends gathered to celebrate such an accomplishment for the Precision Automation Company, Inc. With large “7” and “0” balloons hovering above his head, President & CEO Fred Rexon Jr. delivered heartfelt speeches of gratitude for all of the hard work put toward achieving another successful milestone in Precision Automation’s history.

        The brunch scene in the Tavistock Country Club dining room was magnificent from the start: red, black, and white balloons donned all around the decorated tables; each employee & guest dressed to the nines; and loads of mutual appreciation to go around. Some attendees were in town from our sister company pāco manufacturing in Clarksville, Indiana- led by their CEO, Glen Morris, and president Bill Huffmon- and some traveled from just down the street in Haddonfield. The company’s founder and original patriarch, Fred Rexon Sr., greeted many familiar faces and welcomed new additions to the Precision Automation family. All were elated to celebrate the occasion commemorating the continuous growth of a business that has withstood the test of time to remain prosperous and proud.

        After the initial greetings and social hour, everyone took their seats to hear the first of a few gracious addresses from Fred. He welcomed our honored guests and colleagues in attendance. He acknowledged the retirees who were present, and those who had dedicated years of time & service to the company. He recognized all of the individuals who continue to strengthen our company on a daily basis. Finally, he welcomed 12 new employees who have joined the team since our 65th Anniversary, a quick five years ago.


(Fred looks on as Gerry Renzi takes a turn to speak)

        Fred was happy to announce another successful year in Precision Automation’s illustrious history. During the state of the company address he gave due credit for this feat to our customers & suppliers, without whose support it would have been impossible to achieve. Fred re-iterated to his captivated audience that our focus always has, and always will be, to meet and exceed expectations of our customers, continuously innovate, and look for new ways to provide state-of-the-art machinery to the manufacturing world.

        Since the 65th Anniversary, a lot of changes have shaped Precision Automation Company and set us up for future success. Some major milestone accolades were recognized, as both Gerry Renzi and Bruce Frank reached their 35th year with the business. Dave Amadio was also honored for 30 years with us. Additionally, a few familiar faces had been promoted to positions of higher responsibility and were formally introduced to the assembly: Gerry Renzi as Vice President of Sales & Engineering, Dave O’Reilly as Director of Manufacturing, Tom Ulrich as Engineering Manager, Mike Menaquale as Human Resources Manager, and Mark Johnson as Sales Manager. All were thankful for the advancement and eager to further develop their positive impact upon our business.

        IMG_2275(ed).jpg        IMG_2271(ed).jpg

(Left: Mike Menaquale; Right: Dave O'Reilly)

        After everyone had enjoyed their food and exchanged conversations with new and old friends alike at their tables, it was time to wrap up another festivity. Opened by a quick yet memorable joke from his youngest son Chad, Fred took to the podium again to thank all in attendance. He extended his gratitude to his father Fred Sr. for starting the business, and for all of his time and efforts put forth over the company’s first 60 years. He articulated his appreciation to his wife Ginny and all three of his children for their enduring emotional support, and expressed with hope and confidence that the future of the business is bright with the 3rd generation of family leadership emerging in his son Daniel.

        The smiles on everyone’s faces echoed the CEO’s sentiments as all in attendance left the celebration with a sense of pride and an energized feeling of enthusiasm. It’s safe to say that we are proud of what we have accomplished over 70 years, and are excited for a prosperous future.


(Fred Rexon Jr. with his sons, Daniel and Chad)

        Thank you to everyone in the Precision Automaton Company family and all those who have helped us achieve 70 years of greatness!

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The Precision Formula: A Greater Understanding of our Company, Part IV

Posted by Stephen Huvane on Thu, Jul 14, 2016 @ 07:07 AM

New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine Company

Our fourth business unit is New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine Company. We have previously discussed three other business units which include Engineered Systems, Integrated Conveyor Solutions and Contract Manufacturing divisions.

New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine Company (NJ Wire) makes wire stitching equipment for cardboard, metal, textiles, plastics and almost anything else that needs to be fastened together. With Precision Automation’s design and build capability, we are able to offer customized and engineered solutions for both your stitching and manufacturing needs.


Model L Flag Assembly Machine


NJ Wire has been building cost effective wire stitchers and bag closing machines for over 125 years. Proven reliability in a wide range of markets such as HVAC, book binding, flag assembly, matchbook assembly, header carding and display assembly among others has enables NJ Wire to attain a premier status in the wire stitching market.


Model M Sheet Metal Machine

 Our goal is to improve your production by making your process faster and increasing the quality of your product. We maintain a fully stocked warehouse of replacement parts and consumables such as stitching wire. In the warehouse, we carry over 20 different sizes of wire in various finishes; all parts are made in the USA and are backed by ISO 9001 Quality Management System to ensure your satisfaction.  Today, NJ Wire designs and builds over 250 types of power driven Wire Stitchers.

Our customers have learned to count on the reliability of New Jersey Wire machines. Because of their simple design and rugged construction, our machines are extremely durable and require little maintenance.

Please contact us for additional information!


The Precision Formula: A Greater Understanding of our Company, Part III

Posted by Stephen Huvane on Thu, Jun 30, 2016 @ 07:06 AM

Contract Manufacturing

So far, we have given the rundown of our Engineered Systems and Integrated Conveyor Solutions business units. Another major business unit of ours is Contract Manufacturing. Precision Automation Company, Inc. has developed innovative automation systems and machinery for over 70 years. We provide high quality contract machine work, fabrication, machinery and sub-assemblies, electrical control panels and other related services. Our mission is to improve productivity and efficiency in our clients manufacturing and product handling processes. We have the ability to manufacture your products on a production basis, whether it's a part, a sub-assembly, tooling or fixture. We will become your strategic partner. 


Electrical control boxes

 Our manufacturing facilities have extensive production equipment including numerous CNC lathes and machining centers, welding equipment, test equipment, paint capabilities and 45,000 square feet of high bay assembly space.  All parts and equipment pass through our ISO inspection department. "Insource/Reshore" your manufacturing needs to us. We will align our manufacturing capabilities with your project needs. 

Click here to see our Haas VF5ss in operation! The VF5ss (Super-Speed) is cutting edge in terms of precision machining. These vertical machining centers provide the high spindle speed and rapid tool changes necessary for high-volume production.

Three reasons to contract manufacture with us:

  1. In previous situations, companies outsource to us for many different reasons. Most often, for cost saving. You don’t need to invest in new production facilities or hire additional skilled labor to produce your product. You also can save scarce plant production space.
  2. We are an ISO 9001 certified company. This ensures rigorous quality control ensuring you receive high quality products.
  3. You have access to the latest equipment design and production technologies through our experienced staff of engineers and production personnel. Companies prefer our expertise and equipment compared to manufacturing themselves.


Custom handling trays

Outsource to us if:

  1. A product is a resale or accessory item which falls outside your primary capabilities.
  2. The manufacturing process involved does not fit with your primary capabilities.
  3. Your facility is at capacity. Having your products made by Precision Automation will increase your flexibility.

If you’re curious about our contract manufacturing services, contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.


The Precision Formula: A Greater Understanding of our Company, Part II

Posted by Stephen Huvane on Thu, Jun 16, 2016 @ 07:06 AM

Integrated Conveyor Solutions

Last month we focused attention on our Engineered Systems group, which is one of the four business units at Precision Automation Co., Inc. We briefly described how this unit offers a full range of system engineering, design, and project management services for your manufacturing needs. This month’s spotlight is on our Conveyor Systems group, which is known as our Integrated Conveyor Solutions (ICS) division.

ICS specializes in conveyor projects for a wide variety of applications from individual conveyors to fully integrated systems. Our team works with you from concept development through installation and start up. We are business partners/integrators for several leading conveyor manufacturers. This provides options and choices from a wide selection of equipment to meet your specific needs.


Order Picking System

We begin by investigating to understand the project requirements and the nature of the products to be handled. ICS has the ability to handle and convey a wide variety of products from:

  • Tiles to T-shirts,
  • Cans to Candy,
  • Bags to Bottles,
  • Pet food to Pallets,
  • Flooring to Furnaces,
  • Bulk to Barrels.

We create custom solutions with standard and specialty equipment including transfers, pushers, lifts, workstations, turntables and spiral conveyors.


                    Special bulk handling belt conveyors feeding dual hoppers/balers

With over 150 combined years of experience in conveyor systems applications, our ICS team is committed to satisfying customers with our solutions-based approach.

Typical projects include:

  • Manufacturing,
  • Assembly,
  • Warehousing,
  • Order selection/Distribution.
  • Processing, and packaging

Our reputation and high percentage of repeat customers illustrate the “win-win” result of our methodology.


The Precision Formula: A Greater Understanding of our Company, Part I

Posted by Stephen Huvane on Thu, Jun 02, 2016 @ 09:06 AM

Engineered Systems

You may have wondered what our companies’ niche is and the truth is, we have a few! Yes, turnkey automation solutions are the key to our success but we specialize in a number of niche categories as well.

There are four key business units of Precision Automation Company, Inc. These units include the following: Contract Manufacturing (contract machine building, machine shop and fabrication), Engineered Systems (custom machinery, factory automation and line integration), Integrated Conveyor Solutions and NJ Wire and Stitching. These main categories often intertwine depending on the client’s specific needs, which we are happy to fulfill. To kick off the Precision Formula series, we’ll begin with Engineered Systems.

This component of Precision Automation Co., Inc. offers a full range of System Engineering, Design, and Project Management services for manufacturing needs. Whether the need is to design a new piece of equipment or re-design a production process, from the smallest modification to a complete system, we analyze, improve, and design it using the latest computer-aided 3D design hardware and software. We assure our clients that any of our products can be fit seamlessly into their operation.

One of our main focuses within Engineered Systems is packaging, labeling, and processing systems. From nationally known companies to startup businesses, we’ve partnered with them to create the most efficient systems for their production. From food to pharma, we can help.


(pictured: a custom tray-in, tray out rotary vial labeling and inspection system)

The above video is a pharmaceutical bottle coding application. Please note the overall speed and ease of dealing with defective bottles.

No matter what you require, an integrated system or a special machine for packaging, assembly, testing or production, Precision Automation Company, Inc. has the solution for you.