Automated Sandwich Lines

GS Italia Logo
Precision Automation Company, Inc. is excited to have entered a strategic partnership with GS Italia of Marnate, Italy. GS has developed an innovative sandwich production system that increases productivity, cuts costs and dramatically improves the consistency of all types of pre-made sandwiches.

Drawing on our expertise in automation, manufacturing and integration, Precision Automation will market, sell, manufacture, install and service GS Italia's Automated Sandwich Line Equipment in North America.   

The “modular” design of the systems allow for differing levels of automation dependent on the requirements of the producer. All systems are custom built and allow our customers to "automate at your own pace", as modules can be added over time.

The Sandwich production line (shown in video) is a complete in-line system and utilizes a modular design for maximum flexibility and high productivity. These lines are capable of producing up to 60 sandwiches per minute.

By automating sandwich production, companies can increase efficiency, lower costs and provide superior sandwiches at a consistent quality and fast rate. These truly superior automated lines will save money, increase throughput and dramatically improve your sandwich making process.

We encourage you to contact us here for more information and videos of these lines!