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Arca Automation markets, sells, manufactures and services Arca Labeling Machinery in North America. Arca Automation is backed by Precision Automation® Co., Inc. and Arca Etichette SPA. Precision Automation is located in Cherry Hill, NJ and has over 70 years of experience in contract manufacturing and custom machinery building. Arca Etichette SPA, an Italian company based in Milan, has been manufacturing labels for over 50 years and label application machinery for over 25 years.

The combined resources of these two organizations provide Arca Automation with a wealth of expertise to supply the finest Pressure Sensitive Labeling and Identification Systems with the highest levels of performance and reliability on the market.

Thanks to their robust structure and high quality components, Arca Labelers are suitable for any industrial environment. 

Evolution Label Applicator 

Label Applicators

Ideal for all production lines, Arca Labelers are designed to handle labels up to 9 5/8 inches wide. Dispensing speeds range from 65 to 330 FPM and thanks to the Dual Spring Assembly, the speed is minimally affected by label width.

Available in three models to suit your production needs: EASY, EVOLUTION and WIND. 

Skytech Image 

Complete Labeling Systems

Our Complete Systems are designed for in-line labeling of products with rectangular, square, elliptical, cylindrical or conical shapes. These systems are very flexible and extremely quick to set-up. There is no need to replace mechanical parts and most operational adjustments do not require tools. Complete Systems can be equipped with Arca Labelers, Print & Apply and Inspection & Verification Systems.

Four Models are available:

  • LIGHT - single label application
  • SOLID - applies up to 2 labels
  • SKYTECH - applies 1 to 4 labels for large scale production
  • Rotary Vial Labeling and Inspection System

LinerPlus Advanced 

Print & Apply

Arca Print & Apply models are efficient, easy to operate, and are suitable for all industrial environments. A wide range of pneumatic applicators guarantee the maximum flexibility and the possibility of printing in “real time”. The electronics can be onboard or independent from the machine frame allowing the control unit to be positioned in the most convenient location for the operator.

Print & Apply Labelers are available in three models: EasyLiner, LinerPlus, and LINERLESS


The Arca Evolution 160 Labeler equipped with a POWERKIT provides both labeling and printing functions allowing you toPOWERKIT expand your production capabilities with a single piece of equipment. When not required the print module can easily be deactivated so the Evolution works as a high performance labeler. The POWERKIT can be added at any time.

Compared to conventional Print & Apply machines with pneumatic applicators the POWERKIT offers you the advantage of extremely high production output. The absence of pneumatic actuators frees up labeling from the pneumatic cylinders transfer time. In addition, the Label Que allows the print module to operate continuously during both labeling and in between products.

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